Tour Map

Stop in the office (inside the Gift Shop) to arrange for your guide, or pick up a copy of the self-guided tour map.

#1 – LAND OFFICE: Attorney’s office to file property claims; features large 1900 Rand McNally U.S. map.
#2 – STOTT HOTEL: Built onsite; features restored 18′ cherry wood bar from Clipper Saloon, Telluride, CO.
#4 – LEE WUNG LAUNDRY: Display of historic laundry equipment from 1897 to the 1940’s.
#5 – MARLOW BILLY CREEK CABIN (not open to the public)
#6 – TACK SHED (not open to the public)
#7 – SOD ROOF CABIN from Parlin, CO (not open to the public)
#8 – HOTCHKISS CABIN (not open to the public)
#9 – CIVILIAN CONSERVATION CORPS. BUNKHOUSE: Bunkhouse for C.C.C. located in Montrose, CO. (not open to the public)
#10 – SHERIFF: Built onsite. Go to jail in the recreated sheriff’s office featuring jail cell from Ouray County Courthouse and early
newspaper equipment.
#11 – 1909 HOUSE: Example of early Sears/Montgomery Wards “blueprint/kit” house featuring displays from the mid-1920’s.
#12 – SECOND EMPiRE-STYLE HOUSE: Built in 1904 with distinctive mansard roof, inset 2nd story windows and gingerbread
trim on the front porch. House was featured November 2017 on Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” show.
#13 – JUTTEN SCHOOL: Built in 1889 and located south of Montrose off Hwy 550. Opened in 1890 with 26 students grades 1-8.
#14 – TEACHERAGE BUILDING: Constructed with the Fairview School east of Montrose for teacher’s living quarters.
#15 – UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD EXPRESS “MOVIE” CAR: Used in filming of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”
#17 – DENVER & RIO GRAND RAILROAD DEPOT: Built in 1882 as the first railroad depot in Montrose.
#18 – GRANARY BUILDING (not open to the public)
#19 – DIEHL CARRIAGE WORKS: Build 1895; includes working forge, carriages, 1880 Continental Oil tanker wagon. World
heavy-weight boxing champion (1919-1926) Jack Dempsey learned to spar as a teenager on the second floor.
#20 – GUNSMITH SHOP: Outfitted with 1900’s gunsmithing tools, belt driven lathe, mounted caribou, WWII skis.
#21 – GENERAL STORE: Early 1900’s log barn dismantled, moved and reassembled at MMW in four days by three men.
#22 – 1913 GERMAN EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH: Founded in Montrose; rent for weddings, events and meetings.
#23 – PORTLAND CABIN: Example of 1930’s furnished cabin.
#24 – D&RG RR SECTION HOUSE: Built in 1882 to house railroad workers.
#25 – SMALL BARN: Built in 1936.
#26 – MAIN BUILDING: A peek into history with restored saloon, drug store, dental and doctor’s offices, dry goods store, “cash” store and so much more!