Pat, Tour Guide

I have been interested in America History since I was a kid. I grew up watching all those cowboy TV shows and John Wayne movies. I expanded my interest and knowledge of the Old West when I got involved in Cowboy Action Shooting in 1997. My wife and I moved to Colorado in 1988 and have been in Montrose since 2002.

I find the incredible presentation of the stores in a western town, where you actually get to walk into them, is amazing. I like that you can see the old things displayed in the many shops as they would have been in real life.

I have been a tour guide since 2015 and really enjoy meeting the people who come to the museum. I have learned a lot from these people. I look at history as just that: His Story. A story about what it was like. It is kind of accurate, but no one can be 100% sure because none of us were there. Books, and certainly movies and TV, cannot do it justice. But when you are standing here among 500,000 artifacts, in original and historically correct buildings, walking the walk of those who have come before us, you get a very good feel for what it was like and how people lived.

I am Pat. Presenting this incredible museum to you and helping you to understand what life was truly like, is my passion as a Tour Guide at the Museum of The Mountain West. It is also a lot of fun reliving the olden days. Stop by and let me show you through this incredible place as we come to share and understand how life was lived in the Old West.