VT11 WestSlope TinTypes. Value $75.

$75 toward your own custom TinType. The wet plate photography process is one of the most archival and highest resolution photography methods, even today. A tintype or ambrotype could be around for your grandkid’s grandkids to enjoy! What’s really cool is that you get to see this vintage photo process in action first-hand! The cover photo on this website is one of our MMW docents .
More information, visit westslopetintypes.com

Auction ends at 4 pm, May 14, 2022 during the Victorian Tea. Need not be present to win. If not present, winners will be notified and delivery arrangement made.

Auction Terms & Conditions. Auction item sales are non-refundable donations to our 501c3 tax-exempt organization. You will receive a tax-deduction certificate after purchase.

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