Building Donations

Museum of the Mountain WestHistoric Building Donations

Beginning in 2004, historic buildings have been donated to the Museum for restoration and preservation. Usually the building was going to be destroyed as property was sold or new developments were planned. For example, a lovely church building no longer supported by the denomination for which it was built, was sold to a local oral surgeon, Dr. Craig Cayo. He had plans for a new clinic to be built on the property. Cayo waited until he could find a home for the church building… which was the Museum… AND he donated $17,500 for the cost of moving the church to the Museum grounds.

Donated buildings include the following:

  • 1913 German Lutheran Church; moved from Park Avenue in Montrose.
  • Diehl Carriage Works: 1895 Studebaker wagon dealership and blacksmith shop. Jack Dempsey, prize fighter trained and fought on the 2nd floor.
  • 1882 Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Section House: one of the 1st buildings in Olathe, CO, also contained the first post office.
  • 1882 Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Depot, Montrose CO; used 1882-1885
  • 1912 Fairview School Brick Teacherage; small brick house used for boarding the teacher for the school; donated by the Faussone brothers
  • Jutten School Bell Tower (w/bell); moved from Colona CO; built c. 1889; placed on a small building (early 1900’s); donated by Verna Wissel, furnished as a one-room school house
  • 1909 House; possibly a Montgomery Wards “Kit Plan House”; moved from Hillcrest Avenue in Montrose.
  • 1933 Log Barn; dismantled and reconstructed at the Museum; donated by Mike English; farm 1/2 mile from the Museum. (English also donated a 1909 Granary.)
  • 1930’s Log Cabin; built in Ramona, CO, between Ridgway and Ouray Colorado.
  • Hotchkiss Cabin; 1890’s; log home from ranch NW of Hotchkiss CO
  • 1909 Granary; used to store grain on the property of the 1909 House; converted to a gun shop with a false front
  • 1886 Billy Creek Log Cabin; dismantled and reconstructed at the Museum; interpreted as home of Lee Wung, early Montrose launderer; reported to be home of friends of famous Marlow Brothers (story told in John Wayne movie: Sons of Katie Elder Lee Wung Laundry; log building dismantled and reconstructed at the Museum
  • Frees, Osborne and Davis General Mercantile; dismantled and reconstructed at the Museum; previously a horse barn north of Montrose
    1880’s Parlin Log Cabin; earthen roof; dismantled and reconstructed at the Museum