Artifact Donations

Museum of the Mountain WestEvery week of the year someone cares enough to donate memorabilia or historic buildings to support the mission of the museum.

How to Donate

Items accepted were produced prior to 1940 and meet the requirements established by the Board of Directors*. These are items that would usually sit in someone’s attic or basement and perhaps deteriorate due to neglect. When we accept donations we offer a letter for income tax deductions and we record any history known about the item for our database and display documentation.

Donation Requirements

  • All items must meet the approval of the Museum Director and/or his staff to be of museum quality and/or have significant historic value that adds to the museum displays.
  • Items may be stored on the museum grounds until an appropriate display is prepared and/or room is made within an existing display.
  • *”On loan” donations are rarely accepted (usually only for a specific event). Therefore, all items donated are considered the property of the museum to be used as the staff sees fit. Rarely, a donated item may be sold if it is no longer acceptable for display. Any money received for the item is placed in the museum accounts and used only for the benefit of the museum.
    * Items from other historical museums are exceptions to this rule.

Cash and artifact donations are federal and state tax deductible!