2020 Saavutukset

Accolades: Honored by TRUE WEST magazine readers asBest recreated western townand Executive Director Richard Fike asBest

Visitation: Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Museum was able to continue operations by offering self-guided tour options as well as guided tours.

Barn Addition: uniquely constructed log building.

Suuret yritysostot: Western art exhibit donated by Paul and Kathleen Nickens featuring artists James E. McNair, Robert “Bob” DeJulio, William Henry Jackson, and Sharon J. Achtyes. Historic showcases and photographic equipment donated by Western Camera.

Marketing: Ad collaboration with the Ute Indian Museum and Montrose County Historical Museum in fall 2020. Saanut monia erinomaisia ​​Trip Advisor kommentit vierailijoillemme.

Museum volunteers: Opettajat, perusteita pitäjät, rakentaminen, maisemasuunnittelu. Yhteensä vapaaehtoistyötuntia – 9,053 tuntia vuodessa = 174 tuntia viikossa! Received grants from the City of Montrose and Colorado Humanities.